Our Story

DoyDoy believes that by providing the affordable STEAM engineering toy in extra-curricular activities and at home, kids from diverse background and social classes get equal education opportunity to learn STEM and define their talent which contributes to sustainable education and career path in the long run, personal satisfaction and happiness in life and family.
DoyDoy Building game is colorful STEAM Engineering-focused toy which consists of two main elements, 5 types of connectors and fluffy food grade silicon tube. Both elements come in 5 colorful. Children will have a fun and interactive experience when they play, learn, build and explore the shapes, color patterns, and the structure they create with their creative thoughts, and imagination. Meanwhile, they also develop their essential human skill, social skill, and 21st soft century skills. Doydoy is suitable for any Kid-friendly environments such as classroom, playground, home etc and kid-friendly activities such After School Programme, Makathon, creative quiz, prototype for presentation, team building game, architecture class etc.

Mr. Em Chanrithykol, our founder, having graduated with a bachelor degree in Education and winning several accolades including Outstanding Young Startup Entrepreneur Award 2017. He has been deeply involved in early childhood education and developed STEAM programs with curriculum expert from Teach for Cambodia. He has been engaged in early childhood projects and understudy with Organizations as Unicef Cambodia, Saturday kids Singapore (as trainer), and well-established institutions including Northbridge International School.

Our Vision
1. To build the future of learn and play
2. To create equality in education for every child education development and opportunity
3.  To give birth to happiness
Our Goal

1. To offer the affordable toy for every family
2. To bring happiness to every family, friends, and society
3. To offer STEM toy that fits in STEM learning activities that walk toward the future of the education
4. To offer STEM toys with quality, safety, colorfulness, sustainability and Eco-friendly.
5. To make it accessible every area delivery service

Benefits for Kids
DoyDoy believes every kids deserves equal opportunity to experiencement with STEM to develop sustainable life skills and become a well-rounded person. We provide STEM education through ‘Learn and Play’ concept with our building toy.

Playing with DoyDoy kids will develop:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Creativity
  • Concentration skills
  • Observation skills
  • Grits 
  • Brain power
  • STEM skills (Engineering & Math)
  • Team work
  • Communication skills
  • Eye-hand coordination 
  • Emotional well-being


Kids will be smarter and feel happier and proud of being able to achieve the building structure which make them grow up confident. Parents also get to spend quality family time with their kids. Playtime with kids is very crucial for kids' development. It also improves the bonding between parents and children.

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